Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What's in the Box? Part Two...

No need to wonder this time - of course it was the 30 Day Shred waiting for me tonight!

I have never been so aprehensive before starting an exercise dvd before! It is just that I have heard SO much about it (there is always a handful of threads on any WW message board about it) and it was apparently going to kill me and make me walk like John Wayne for a week.

I actually watched the whole of level one before attempting it. Then I stuck on the exercise gear and started...

...and you know what? I loved it! Much like the pilates dvd I did yesterday, it is only just over 20 mins long and you move between the three sections really quickly and just when you reckon you need to flop on the floor, it's time for the cooldown (YAY!)

You do three circuits comprising of the three intervals (Strength, Cardio, Abs) and with each circuit you do a different set of moves - alternating two moves per interval. The sections are obviously really taxing, but I found I could keep up with the beginner moves in level one (almost, I had to drop out a couple of reps before I was supposed to a couple of times..)

I found Jillian to be really encouraging - and not in a fake, annoying way. Just when I felt like stopping and going to bed in one of the cardio sections she gets really encouraging and tells you that you are strong and CAN finish it, you just have to fight, and you know what? It really spurred me on and I got a second wind.

I'm so glad I like it as after all the hype I was worried I would be dissapointed.

So today was just the tester. I shall be starting the 30 days next week (after I have come home from V festival over the weekend) and will report back on, hopefully, the results. Will take my measurements before I start.

Off topic...please all send good vibes to Mother Nature and ask her politely to refrain from peeing down on me this weekend!!!


  1. I really like Jillian, I am really tempted to get this dvd. Do you need much space?
    Do you think you will get sick of it after a couple of weeks?

    Good luck with starting it though, I will be interested to hear how you get on with it.

  2. Hi Victoria,
    No you don't need a lot of space - I managed to do it in my tiny bedroom without wacking into anything (like I usually do with exercise dvds). You don't really travel around, every movement is pretty much on the spot, so you should be fine.
    I think with it having three separate levels - with different moves - it should keep your interest. But i've only had it a week so can't speak from experience.
    Thanks for the encouragment :) I'm going to start it properly on Monday so will definitely keep you posted.
    Sarah. X