Monday, 2 August 2010

The Munchies and Being Prepared!

Munch, munch, munch...if you were any where near my desk today that is the noise you would have heard! I munched on relatively healthy things (oatcakes, ricecakes, yoghurt) but just the quantity I ate meant that I have gone 1 point over my allowance, ah well. Tomorrow is another day!

I know that preparation is the key, so have just finished making a WW pasta for lunch. Was pretty quick and easy but there was A LOT of washing up. It basically consisted of 60g wholewheat pasta, with roasted pepper and cherry tomatoes (roasted with fry light, thyme and garlic) and half a small can of tuna. Also I made my own tomato vingerette by boiling 100ml water with 4 cherry tomatoes, thyme, garlic and tomato puree (supposed to have lemon juice in as well but I didn't have any!) Let it cool, mix all together, and it is in my lunchbox in the fridge waiting to be taken to work tomorrow. Quite a nice size portion at 4 points. Will see how it tastes tomorrow!

On the theme of preparation I have packed my gym bag and will be hauling my bottom down the gym before work tomorrow. I love my routine and have been going insane the past couple of days when I haven't been (a case of the sniffles preventing me).

So here's for a successful day tomorrow!


  1. Hi there, spotted your blog link on the WW forums and thought I'd say hello - just started a blog myself and it's so good to read about other people following the plan! Looks like you've done an amazing job so far - admire your determination!

    Rach x

  2. Aw thanks Rach! Hello to you to. Thanks for following. I'll make sure I check out and follow your blog too. It really does help sharing the struggle!

    Sarah. X