Tuesday, 17 August 2010

What's in the box?

I just love a parcel! When I got home from work tonight there was the familiar sight of a brown amazon box waiting for me. Yay I thought! I'll be shredding tonight. I ripped open the box only to find...the other exercise dvd I bought - Pilates for Dummies. Ow man!

Oh well! I've been moaning about starting up pilates again and the reviews for this dvd were really good so I decided to try it this evening.

I've just finished it and I really liked it. It reminded me a lot of my class I used to go to. You start with 20 minutes of a standing up workout and then 15 minutes of mat work. It ticked all the boxes, got my heart going (the first part of the workout really gets you out of breath), worked out my stomach muscles and gave my back (and pretty much everything else) a reaaaally nice stretch and it was over in no time!

After a intense day at work, it was the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day - whilst also working off the cals.

So maybe it wasn't the exact dvd I was anticipating (the 30 day Shred will have to be tackled another day - come on mr postman!) it ended up being exactly just what I needed!


  1. I've never tried pilates but it sounds good. You're a brave woman to try shredding I haven't worked up the nerve yet think jm would kick my arse!!


  2. Hi Seren,
    Oh pilates is amazing - deffo give it a try.
    Just did my first shred session and I was so nervous beforehand! It's nothing that you won't have ever tried before, just that you do them all without a break! Going to start it properly next week so i'm hoping for big results. Gav me a new found respect for the Biggest Loser contestants though!

    Sarah. X