Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Preparation Pay-Off? + Tuesday Twaddle

So the roasted pepper pasta was a bit 'meh' - not bad but there are tastier lunches that don't take 3 pans to create, amongst other washing up items!

My gym effort this morning was a bit poor, due to me realising (about 5 mins into my workout) that I am actually still suffering with this blimmin' cold. I contemplated going home but decided to soldier on and just spent less time doing cardio and concentrated on weights.

So all in all yesterday's preparation didn't inspire great results today but I suppose I did get some exercise done as planned, and (so far) I have stayed well within my points allowance. So scrap that - preparation has proved to be successful! :)

I bought some melba toast at lunchtime, for an afternoon snack. I looked the points up on WW online and it's a bit confusing (0.5 points per pack of 6 - yet it says the same if you select one individual slice? But the slice is 3g the same as a 3g pack???)

WW online has gone insane recently. The community section has given up the ghost - tried to post on my WW blog and everytime I clicked save it sent me an error message - argh! All the new sections are really slow. Technology eh?!

Right - that's enough Tuesday twaddle!

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